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My body lies here next to your body 
Beneath the blankets I can feel your heat
It oscillates between us in silence
While outside a breeze rustles the dead leaves
The tip of your tongue is cold like the night
And it moves as gently as a whisper

Your voice tickles my ear with a whisper
Arising, moonlight welcomes your body
Waltzing towards the window you greet the night
And in this moment I long for your heat
But what would happen if one of us leaves?
(The other would contemplate the silence)

It is hard to fall asleep in silence
It is more comforting when we whisper
Discussing the season, the falling leaves
The secret pleasures of your warm body
Its fragrant nudity, its wondrous heat,
The light it emanates into the night

I often think about some lonely night
When I lay here without you in silence
Using blankets from the basement for heat
Speaking your name in naught but a whisper
Wishing myself nearer to your body
Hoping for footfalls in the scattered leaves

(What will I do with myself when she leaves,
Throw on a coat and search throughout the night,
Seeking some evidence of her body?)
Why should I disturb this haunting silence?
Because it is magic when we whisper,
Twisted together like snakes for some heat

(But, as for now, I am blessed with your heat
And pay no mind to the dead, rustling leaves)
Let me serenade you with a whisper
That escapes on the wind, into the night,
Permeating the cold winter’s silence,
Sending a chill through your naked body

Your body is not like the fallen leaves
With its heat it burns holes into the night 
Inscrutably, like a whisper (silence)