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‘Oh, you and I, we sure can dream
Of conversations that might have been’

‘But when it began
I was so happy
I didn’t feel like me’

I took the time to learn your favorite song
Hoping to sing it to you after dinner
As I caught the glow of the candlelight
In the dim field of my periphery
Playing against the outline of your face
How I wanted to hold your hand in mine
Will forever remain a mystery

Good luck with it all- the tests and the trips
Up to Chicago and back down again
The words I longed to say shall stay
Lodged somewhere within the hidden chambers
Of my heart- forever floundering
Rising and falling with the summer tide
Left to drift like a buoy in your wake
Every now and again becoming
Something tangible against the shoreline
Beating fruitlessly against the beach-rocks 
Before receding into the distance
Beyond the boundary of the horizon
Out of reach for any and all to touch
Evaporating like a slow whisper
Within the gale of each of your haunting breaths