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You’re every bit as bittersweet
As the junk that lulls me into sleep
And carries me towards oblivion

Your tongue is the razor-sharp needlepoint
That pierces my soul and leaves me senseless
(I feel your sting in every city)

But it was different when it started
When you still floated me out of myself
Left me all but dumbstruck and breathless

I remember our first kiss through clenched teeth
And the awkward fumbling for your bra
How you led me into temptation
Where the butterflies dance in lonely gardens
And float windswept on the first breath of bloom
Twirling like multicolored pinwheels

Listen now, the countryside calls your name
Like white-hot rain beats on a voodoo drum 
(Variations upon your breasts and thighs)

Meadow-breathed beneath a thin veil of whispers
Milk-white horses all wet with ocean spray
Trotting softly along sun-drenched cliffs
The slow tap of hoof-beat resounding beside
A sorrowful symphony of beach wash
(The bittersweet blow of red-breasted birdsong)

The still of the afternoon yet lingers
And lovers dance in summer lilacs
Waltzing with the reckless abandon of drunks 
Through the faint firefly glow of August nights
When we spent your birthday in the fog
How it wrapped around us and bedewed our brows
With the damp lip sweat of love-making
(My cares fell away like a parachute)

Making love in the stolid semi-dark
Frail light about your almond husk of nape
Listening to the rain tap on tin roofs
As hypnotic as heavens silent touch 
As tender as handfuls of cold hearbeats
When the old stars emerge in pink and blue
Or the slow drip of pale autumn honey
Oblivious to the cruel grasp of gravity

Let us rise like rose petal blossoms
Where gunmetal-grey dawns disintegrate
Into the delirium of evening
(When everything turns blue for you
And our worries drift away into space)