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I have recently returned from playing several shows in Music City, USA, AKA Nashville, TN as part of the promotional tour for the Love Anchor LP ‘Goodnight, Lover’. I met a great many wonderful people, though I must say there are some of them who weren’t so nice, and I could have just as well have never met them. I wouldn’t feel bad about not knowing they exist. When I wasn’t involved with performing or sleeping or watching others perform, I took late night walks through the city with my iPod and some noise-cancelling headphones. I tend to be ‘all over the place’ when it comes to the consumption of music and media, but I’ve attempted to put together a playlist of some of the tracks I listened to during these walks. It isn’t comprehensive by any means, nor is it a sly recommendation of what ‘you should be listening to’, as if somehow my taste is far superior than anyone else’s. It’s nothing like that- just a ‘thank you’, or perhaps a ‘love’ note in the form of a song sequence. It’s just a mix tape, if you will, or a track-list for a mix tape rather, intended only as a gift to the city itself and the people who call it home, those of whom so graciously took me in as I wander along, continuously looking for new places, new faces, and adventures. This, then, is just something I’d like to share with anyone who happens upon it- just because. Note: The tracks are not in any intended sequence. I’ll let you put it together yourself. That is, after all, the best thing about life- knowing you put it together yourself.

Most of the songs will be available on my YouTube Channel under ‘playlists.’ Here’s a link (subscribe if you’d like: (http://www.youtube.com/loveanchormgmt)Image:

1) ‘Stay Positive’ – The Streets (This track, which along with the rest of the album ‘Original Pirate Material’, I’d not listened to in ages. I recommend it all, but this song just hit me really hard, being in a strange place with no one around. It’s strange to feel alone in a city, or an entire world, full of people. But I never quite feel at home wherever I go.)

2) ‘Cymbal Rush’ – Thom Yorke

3) ‘City Girl’ – Kevin Shields (Made me think of a girl I went to college with, who, subsequently, I’d learned had moved to Nashville after we’d stopped speaking and we’re effectively ‘through’.

4) ‘Sugarless’ – Autolux (This track and the beautiful song ‘Spots’ are two favorites by Autolux I find myself coming back to time and again.)

5) ‘Honey Pie’ – The Beatles (I was listening to a lot of The Beatles back-catalog during the journey. I played them a lot in the bus. This is one of THE songs I wish I’d written. Once again, makes me think of a girl. She’s from a country in the Middle East I’ve never been to, and I can’t say I know her very well at all, but I always seem to find myself thinking about her.)

6) ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ – The Beatles (‘One sweet dream- pick up the bags, get in the limousine. Soon we’ll be away from here, so step on the gas and wipe that tear away. One sweet dream came true today.’)

7) ‘On Your Own Again’ – Scott Walker (One of my all-time favorite performers- ‘Scott III’ and ‘Scott IV” are, to me, his finest albums.)

8) ‘If You Go Away’ – Scott Walker (Walker doing a breathtaking rendition of the Jacques Brel classic. Astounding.)

9) ‘South Side of the Sky’ – Yes (I also made a copy of Yes bassist Chris Squire’s solo album ‘Fish Out of Water’ for the trip, though I didn’t get to listen to it as much as I’d planned.)

10) ‘Ten Years Gone’ – Led Zeppelin (There was a whole lotta Zep played. I just really like this song. Also one I wish I’d written.)

11) ‘If You Were Mine’ – Bille Holiday (Of Course!)

12) ‘Wake Up Alone’ – Amy Winehouse (I’ve listened to a lot of the late Winehouse’s work lately, and this track is especially haunting. Unfortunately, I can relate to the title.)

13) ‘Round The Bend’ – Beck (From the post-divorce record ‘Sea Change’, a radical, but beautifully somber, and altogether sad, departure from Beck’s ‘normal’ work. The country/singer-songwriter feeling seemed perfect for the location.)

14) ‘I’ll See You In My Dreams’ – Joe Brown (A newer rendition of a very old song by ukulele master Joe Brown, whom you may remember from the George Harrison Memorial Concert DVD. Beautiful.)

15) ‘My Red Hot Car’ – Squarepusher (Always excellent. This may melt your brain.)

16) ‘Loner’ – Burial (Fitting title for the purpose.)

17) ‘Escape Artist Blues’ – Eef Barzelay (I don’t know anyone else who owns this alt.-country record, but this track from the former Clem Snide frontman’s solo effort is beautiful- and it just felt like Nashville in a lot of ways I suppose.)

18) ‘Pretty Girl Why’ – Buffalo Springfield (I find myself coming back to this gorgeous tune even though it reminds me of a not-so-nice girl I used to know. I moved to Texas (of all places) for her. Then I changed my mind and decided to take on Texas alone.)

19) ‘The Colour of Spring’ – Mark Hollis (This record has been hugely influential for me. It’s the first, and only, solo effort from the frontman of former 80s powerhouse group Talk Talk. It’s quite the hidden gem, and seemingly constitutes the entirety of what Mr. Hollis hoped to convey with music- because he has not, and does not ever plan to release a follow-up. This was truly ‘it’- a swan song.)

20) ‘Inner City Blues’ – Marvin Gaye (One of my favorite musicians. This track is one of the most powerful on ‘What’s Going On’- one of my top 10 favorite records. I saw a good deal of poverty in Nashville. I gave what I could to as many people as I could, but some folks wouldn’t just ask for spare change- they’d be so brazen as to tell me exactly how much I was expected to give them (weird numbers, too, like $3.78))

21) ‘I Know’ – Fiona Apple (Again, brings to mind a girl I may never know.)

22) ‘Pilots’ – Goldfrapp

23) ‘Giggy Smile’ – Faust

And that’s it, at least for now. Enjoy, good people. I love you.