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So, being the assiduous business person that I am, I always make sure to keep track of the pertinent information concerning my band- demographics, statistics, and all the tedious, boring and really rather heartbreaking facts and figures that constitute the non-musical side of being a professional musician. Though I work professionally in other artistic fields beyond music, the release of the Love Anchor LP has been my primary focus for quite some time now. It’s a shame, to a degree, as it keeps me from painting, filmmaking, modeling, and essentially spreading the proverbial wings of the artificer. I can admit it: I often feel lost, alone, confused, uncertain, unwanted, unappreciated, and irrelevant in a world where mass-produced idiocy has effectively usurped the rightful place of the truly groundbreaking, challenging, thoughtful, and refreshing works that I, and most other art loving individuals with half a brain, so ardently long for. I was looking over the most popular search terms relevant to Love Anchor/Alexander Frost, those which are being used by curious folks in the various search engines around the web, and I came across ‘good night lover meaning’. I both know, and, at the same time, do not know, how stumbling upon these words makes me feel. It’s challenging- ‘Goodnight, Lover’ is a challenging album, especially for a major (non-indie) release, and it’s packed with every emotion, or lack thereof, that I’ve experienced over the course of the six years it’s taken me to put the record together: I wrote, re-wrote, arranged, re-arranged, orchestrated, performed, erased, shelved, re-evaluated, engineered, and produced everything myself. The studio facilities where I’ve worked on the album were financed and built by me alone. Was it expensive and insanely laborious to not only put all of the necessary equipment together, but also to, from necessity, teach myself how to use each individual piece? Yes. A million times, yes. You’ve no idea. I’ve even had to learn to play a lot of instruments I was unfamiliar with, mostly winds and the like, and I believe I played somewhere around 50 instruments for the tracking/over-dubbing sessions. As for the big meaning behind this album- I think perhaps you should listen first, and find some meaning for yourselves. That’s the beauty of art- it’s completely open to interpretation. This is not to say ‘Goodnight, Lover’ is not about any particular people, events, or feelings I’ve encountered throughout the course of my life, for to say so would be an outright lie. This is the single most personal thing I will have ever released to the public. And that’s the reason why it’s been so elusive- I’ve been very secretive with the self-financing, the self-involvement, and the solipsism, I suppose one could say, as a manner of speaking, but it’s been for a good reason. It’s a very special reason- I want it to be a wonderful surprise for everyone who chooses to purchase it, to listen to it, to delve into it for themselves. In a lot of ways it’s a concept album focused on the nature of the human sexual relationship, from start to finish, from evolving in the early stages to falling apart from its very seams as it nears its end. Maybe I wrote it about a girl I thought, for once in my life, I’d have the opportunity of seeing each day for the rest of my life- ‘the one’ as they say, who completes you as a person, who ignites the passion inside of you, who you’ll live and die for, that one who, by fate or serendipity or simple accident, is your soulmate. Maybe you’re supposed to find one another, and perhaps nothing at all is meant to be. Regardless, whatever way you choose to look at it, it’s unbearably beautiful. In Ancient Eastern mythology, there exists the concept of the ‘red thread’ or ‘red string’. It’s said that by this thread you are connected, forever and always, to your life partner, and in that way you’ll always find one another. But it works both ways I presume- perhaps you find that person, and perhaps you do not. Either way, if you’re capable of finding one another, you’re just as able to keep your distance, to willfully stay separate from the other. One time this girl I broke up with posted the lyrics to the song ‘good woman’ by cat power as some faux-artistic statement of why she was such a waste, why she wanted to be treated poorly, and why I could never reconcile myself to ever being unkind to her. Is that at all relevant? One day I’ll tell you all about it, and I hope the words, every single one of them, dances right off the pages and into your heart. One day you’ll know what it’s all been about. Should I never choose to endure the hell I’ve put myself through in recording this album ever again, if I break up the band, at least you’ll know. First, let me find the words. Let me find something positive, that puts the fire back into it, into me, body and soul, that makes me feel up to the task. It’s all very heavy. And I’ve been through too much, as of now, to reveal the big meaning behind it. Fall in love. Be alone. Spend so much time alone that you begin to hate yourself and you forget where you end and your art begins. Sell yourself out when you understand you weren’t meant for anything else, that some people are meant to live out their 9to5 lives, with their wives and kids and mortgages; but some people are larger than life, and, if for no other reason beyond that, happiness shall always elude them. Greet death. Make your peace. And I promise I’ll tell you everything. Just listen first. Love it or hate it- it’ll have been worth it. I promise.