I’d like to start a petition: Mr. Gallo, please make this film available to the public, as I was unable to attend the Venice and Toronto festival screenings. Do it for Sage. But I won’t bother with a petition. Maybe I should just make my own version. Who’s with me?

Toronto the NOT SO Good

By Mike Sauve

Introducing Promises Written in WaterTIFF Programmer Steve Gravestock said in his grave, stock tone, “It’s a poem.”  Judging by the crowd’s anticipation, these people were pretty amped up for some high-grade poesy.

Why not? Buffalo 66 is an exceedingly cool film. The Brown Bunny is a) difficult, b) ambitious and c) features a scene where the director’s very schlong goes into the mouth of Chloe Sevigny…with these qualities Vincent Gallo defines the idea of the auteur, of “outsider chic.”

Promises in perhaps more avant-garde than The Brown Bunny—a movie that lets the camera rest on nothing but a rainy windshield for 6 minutes while Gordon Lightfoot’s Beautiful plays.  BB also boasts a Lawrence of Arabia-inspired scene where Vinny’s speed-bike goes so far into some salt flats that it becomes a mere speck…in the original cut, it also comes all the way back at an…

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