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In imitation of the great contemporary juggernauts of commerce and popular society, i have, much like Oprah, decided to expand the scope of my non-profit The Frost Foundation to include a book club. I will be posting some works I’m currently reading at intermittent periods of time (probably every other week) via instagram (@afrostloveanchor), flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/loveanchor/), pinterest (http://pinterest.com/alexanderfrost/), wordpress (https://afrostloveanchor.wordpress.com/), and assorted other forms of social media with which i am involved. So far for this week we have:
‘The Golden Bowl’ by Henry James and ‘Brecht at the Opera’ by Joy H. Calico.
we can start an official page for the ‘Alexander Frost Book Club by Alexander Frost’ so people who want to get involved in literary discussions can do so, or we can skip that. it depends upon the number of positive responses i get. i understand talking books isn’t something everyone can get into, but having dedicated almost the entirety of my life to both the reading and composition of literature, it’s just something i’m passionate about. besides, i find it incredibly attractive, almost irresistible, to see lovely ladies reading. if you’re feeling the same way too, why not get on board? perhaps you can find your soulmate in an online book club. i mostly likely won’t, but i’m not doing this for me. it stopped being about me a long time ago. so take a look, it’s in a book- take my word for it (i’m a professional), or visit your local public library. books can be taken from those places for free. you don’t need a card. just pop it in your bag. the gov.’t will fit the bill. if they’ve the audacity to charge you for education, they should. but this is not an an endorsement of stealing things- just readin’, sharin’, and doin’ it- the three ‘ares’. are they not all awesome?

To learn more about The Frost Foundation, please visit the official Love Anchor/Alexander Frost website by clicking below:

The Frost Foundation