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Maximizing and maintaining maximum self-efficacy is essential to overall well-being, especially in today’s hectic, high-paced world. Yes, you too, are living in a business world!
While it is important to set goals, setting unrealistic goals is unhealthy, as failure to achieve goals with regularity produces adverse effects, namely depression and diminished self-esteem.
Strategize! Have a back-up plan!
Smile! Nothing is healthier than a bright smile! (Note: Schedule regular check-ups with your family dentist at regular six-month intervals.)
Practice smiling at yourself in the mirror before you go outside! Repeat: “I can do it. I can do it. I am an important and valuable person. The complicated societal infrastructure would collapse without my presence.”
(Are you too old for braces? Heavens no! Should your orthodontist recommend fitting you for braces, think of it this way: am I too old for a beautiful smile?)
Feel no shame for what you are.
Accept rejection as a normal human reaction.
Feel no shame for who you are.
Seek medical attention for insomnia.
Embrace insomnia, as it allows for enhanced productivity.
Lonely? Get out there! Become involved with singles night at your local Christian church.
Volunteer at an animal shelter.
Walking a disenfranchised pet benefits you and the animal in question simultaneously. Exercise enhances the immune system and produces positive emotions. Good company increases pleasure chemicals in the brain. The dog will wag its tale in approval! Just imagine!
Palms sweaty? Afraid to shake hands? Close your eyes and imagine the positive outcome. Take deep breaths.
Count to three.
Don’t give up now.
Keep breathing.
Be sure to tell a joke now and again. People will be more likely to spend time with you if you possess the ability to make them laugh. Laughter is nature’s best medicine.
Be social and display amicability towards everyone you meet. Kindness is contagious.
Heed these tips for positive lifestyle changes and you won’t be alone for long!
Obtain some telephone numbers. Give the gal of your fancy a ring some evening. State your name calmly, slowly, and confidently. Kindly remind her of where you met.
Ask her if she would be interested in spending time with you, perhaps by going to the picture show or having a nice, informal meal at the local burger joint down the street. (Doctors assert that consumption of ground beef releases pleasure chemicals in the brain.)
Always be a gentleman! If you own an auto, open and close the door for your female passenger. She will be delighted by your manners. Obey all traffic rules and regulations on the open road. Young ladies hate troublesome drivers and are more likely to engage in amorous relations with unimposing boys who tend not to quarrel.
If she happens to be engaged with another young male of reproductive age, don’t fret! Hopefully she will realize her mistake and allow you the opportunity to hold her in the dark as she falls asleep.
Stay positive.