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good night, star bright- i think about you all the time

i wish you were near to me because it’s raining

and the rain makes such a lovely hypnotic sound

on the tiles of the roof, the concrete on the porch,

each board in its place in the awning overhang

we’d watch the ripples bloom from the point of impact

on the lake-face, making perfect circular spreads

until each one becomes so thin that it forgets,

dissolves, finally quits to stay its course, save face,

and in so doing to hold but another’s place.

it all goes away in the dimly lighted mist-

illuminated by the row of landscape lights,

each one a japanese lantern in miniature-

i can see your exhalations groan like sad songs,

or old beards of frost hanging from the hoary pines

as you savor the second-to-last cigarette

that still remains in that flimsy purse-weathered pack.

and i suppose i find it beautiful to know

that if only for a quickly fleeting moment

i can see it all around me like a new snow,

and hear the slow and steady calm of your sweet breaths

as the smoke rises skyward in nocturnal plumes,

dissipating into a dark open season,

the fragmented phantoms soon to be forgotten

as easily as all the words we spoke today.

good night my love, my baby, my one and only,

your skin soft and warm like a dream of ocean rain.