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What’s Happenin’ Brother? What’s Happenin’ My Man?

Here’s the News:

1) Alexander Frost will soon release his debut hip-hop/rap release ‘When I Get Pussy’. As of now, it is available in demo form as a two-part mixtape on DatPiff. Click Here to obtain your own copy. Tracks are also made available via the Love Anchor SoundCloud. Click Here to go there.

2) The first promotional music video for Alexander Frost’s release ‘When I Get Pussy’ (for the track ‘(Why They Call It) Hip-Hop?’) has been uploaded to the official AF/LA YouTube channel. Want to watch? You should- it’s awesome. Click here to see it. Be sure to subscribe to the channel as well. The video was directed by Alexander Frost and features a randomized/dadaist montage of both original and found footage.

3) Alexander Frost/Love Anchor Official has been updated. Visit loveanchor.org if you feel like it.

4) Alexander Frost promotional t-shirt designs are regularly shared via Tumblr. and Instagram. If you aren’t already following AF/LA on these social networks, please do so. Links: Tumblr. Instagram

5) Today (August 28) is my birthday. It’s also my mother’s birthday. Anyway, you should check out/subscribe to/follow all the things previously mentioned because that’s my only birthday wish. At least download the free mixtape. Who else would even think to make their all-consuming work available free-of-charge as a gift to other people on their own birthday? A madman. That’s who. Keep in touch. Questions? Ask ’em. Comments? Give ’em. Thoughts? Fears? Hopes? Dreams? Share ’em. Have a crush on me and want to date me? I probably want to date you too, so don’t be afraid to say something. Today I turned 27. That’s the age musicians reach to die. So now I can die. I and you and especially me are forever. You can’t stop this.