‘Goodnight, Lover’ is the official blog of multi-media artist, model, and musician Alexander Frost. The title of the blog is a direct reference to the title of the debut album from Frost’s primary musical project Love Anchor (‘Goodnight, Lover’ the album will be available via Interscope in October of 2013). If you’d like to know more about Love Anchor, please visit the official site (loveanchor.org) by clicking here, or by visiting the Love Anchor MTV Artists page here. This blog is intermittently maintained through the addition of various poetry and prose works written by Frost. Most of the works in verse are excerpts from the volume ‘And Persephone Turned To Him Weeping,’ for which Frost, in 2010 at the age of 23, was compared to legendary poets Rainer Maria Rilke and Sylvia Plath. The works of prose are excerpts from the novel ‘For You, To Unravel Love’s Mystery.’ Consider this blog as a special treat, for it provides access to hard-to-find and unreleased writings free of charge. It is for friends, fans, strangers, and anyone who takes pleasure in the written word to peruse, enjoy, and share. ‘Goodnight, Lover’ is intended as a gift for anyone who is not only willing to read, to share, to create, and to perhaps take away some kind of inspiration for works of their own, but for anyone and everyone who has simply fallen irrevocably in love with the written word.

To Contact Alexander Frost (via the management of Love Anchor, LTD.) please e-mail: legal@loveanchor.org (or) loveanchormgmt@gmail.com

Note: All contents are protected by applicable intellectual property and copyright laws. Ownership belongs solely to Alexander Frost, the author, and the legal/management affiliates associated with Love Anchor, LTD. These works may not be duplicated or otherwise shared without crediting the author. Any deviations from this simple rule will be addressed by the legal team in charge of overseeing the management of both Mr. Frost himself and Love Anchor. Any and all concerns of this nature may be addressed to the following e-mail address: legal@loveanchor.org

Thank You.


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